We like to be best partner to our clients.

The success of our business is based on having the same moral concepts and common aims. THERMOBAU WIRTHWEIN GMBH is a family-owned company. All family members try cautiously to serve the interests of both, family and business.

The employees and THERMOBAU WIRTHWEIN GMBH stand in relation in an interaction of responsibility and obligation, which is an essential basis for good work.

We build up a cooperative relationship to our clients. Greatest attention we have on availability, reliability and best quality.



Klaus Wirthwein

In 1949 Walter Wirthwein, Father of Klaus Wirthwein, started up the firm WIRTHWEIN in Creglingen and started to produce wooden pegs for railway. In the 60s August Flor, also in Creglingen, started a thermometer manufacture on Wirthweins area. Beginning of the 70s Walter Wirthwein took over the thermometer fabrication and integrated that secture in his existing firm. 1978 Klaus Wirthwein, overtakes the management of his father and becomes business leader. Since then he continuously is tracking the expansion of our product range as well as opens up new segments and markets.

Karin Wirthwein

From the beginning on Karin Wirthwein, also stemming of a self-employed family, is on the side of her husband. Because of her total commitment Karin Wirthwein has been exceedingly involved at the success course of our business.

Kerstin Wirthwein

After her successful passed final exams of legal studies in Mainz and Gießen, Kerstin Wirthwein first worked as a self-employing lawer in Würzburg. Because of close contact to her parents, her wish, to become part of business, has been realized beginning 2008. Since December 2008 she is managing limited partner of Thermobau Wirthwein KG as well as quality management officer. go to Certificate.

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